CHOCOLATE SUN ORGANICS is a line of natural remedies for your skin care needs. Our goal was to create a skin care line that is truly pure, right down to the organically grown herbs, essential oils and distilled water used in our products. Our cleansers are gentle and soothing. Our moisturizers are a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants delivering the best hydration and protection for your skin. There are no artificial fragrances, only aromatic and essential oils. We even took our vision of organics one step further by eliminating the chemical preservatives found in most claimed organic products. CHOCOLATE SUN ORGANICS are 100% chemical-free using grapefruit seed extract as our preservative. Our products are lightly scented. We use recycled packaging and do no animal testing.

In addition to incorporating the best all natural ingredients for your skin care needs, our products help prepare and maintain your CHOCOLATE SUN TAN.